is the foundation of our daily craft.  As technologies evolves, RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. inovates it’s equipments periodically benefiting so our clients.


Security and health protection have always been RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. prior concern with the latest equipment, certifications and periodical staff trainning.


RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. has demonstrate an unprecedented ability to manage multiple construction site at the same time while still maintenaning high productivity and projects delivery timeframes.


Large scale achievements have always been the result of daily based challenges. RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. unmatched productivity is the result of highly optimized workflows and a strong ability to solve on field problems.

Founded in 2006, RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. has aquire since a precious knowledge in logistic mounting and construction.
In a field where tech evolution affects each new project, R.M has found itself solving successfully problems while providing clients with efficient solutions even on new unseen rack structures models.
R.M′s assembly division flexibility and skills have highly contribute to built it’s reputation.

Building the future

RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. has contribute to build massive avant-garde logistic / Robotic solutions .

A commitment to sustainability

RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. reduces year after year it’s carbone footprint.
Being a fondamental actor of logistic constructions sites,
R.M has contribute to efficient logistic and by so to the avening of a more efficient goods transportation solution.