RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. provides wide variety of professional mounting and construction services particulary in rack systems and logistic structures for renowned companies. A strong experience in building logistics structures has led the company to its current industry reference status. With the ability to lead projects in more then 10 countries, RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. has become a reliable partner for its clients with  staff members up to date with all certifications required for each project. Introducing the latest technologies for the best achievements R.M demonstrates unmatched efficiency and strong skills in problems solving.

vojta manager

RACK MONTAGE s.r.o. management statement

“My main team focus is building structures on time and within budget. I am managing a lot of people from different backgrounds.

On this project, we have an interesting proportion of experienced workers and young professionals. Their dynamism is an advantage. A balanced age pyramid is the key. My daily assignments is managing the work processesand put the right person in the right place while still having a global view on the project, dispatching teams to achieve the best productivity.”


Time laps

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